Asia Logistics Partners is an associated partner of Asia Resource Partners. Together we are rapidly expanding into South East Asia and Japan. 

Asia Logistics Partners Asia Resource Partnersのパートナー会社で、共に東南アジアや日本国内において急成長しております。

Fuels and Logistics: Covering barges, conventional vehicles and bulk fuel operations. Via our wholly owned corporate entity, Asia Logistics Partners, (ALP) a U.S. Government authorized contractor, registered under Japanese law and headquartered in Okinawa, Japan, and our extensive Asian network, we are currently servicing and have access to a wide network of corporate and government long term fuel and fuel logistics contracts. We are seasoned and influential fuel industry experts, providing logistics support to our partners and potential partners with additional business operations in the energy spectrum.

燃料供給とロジスティックス:バージや従来の車両、バルク燃料に関する事業を展開しております。アメリカ政府の認可を受け、日本の法律下で登記されたAsia Logistics Partners (ALP)は、当社の有する企業組織を通し、沖縄県を拠点にアジア広範囲に及ぶネットワークのもと、現在幅広い企業ネットワークで民間や政府へ燃料供給及び燃料ロジスティックスのサービスを提供し、長期契約を結んでおります。また私たちは、経験豊か且つ影響力のある燃料業界の専門家であり、パートナー企業及びパートナー候補企業の皆様に対し、エネルギー分野において更なるビジネスオペレーションとなるロジスティックスのサポートを提供しております。

Fuel Systems, Parts and Equipment: Together with our local network of seasoned Japanese partners and international suppliers, we are sourcing high quality, industry standard parts and equipment as well as coordinating design-build systems for customers requiring exacting specifications including U.S. Government projects. Via our network, we offer fuel tanks, fuel systems, and replacement parts procured or manufactured to our customers exacting requirements.


Inspection and Maintenance: We believe the critical element of a successful long term commitment to environmental stewardship is a stellar inspection and maintenance program. Via our U.S. Government contracts we currently conduct inspections on a large number of fuel tanks and equipment annually.


Consulting: A constant focus of ALP since the beginning.  We are continually relied upon by both Government and private industry for insight and problem resolution. Expertly assisting clients with our bilingual technical, operational, managerial and other support capabilities is something we pride ourselves on. We provide tailored support on various platforms both inside and outside the fuels realm. Our technical experts and our vast network extend our reach in a number of unrelated specialties as well. For example, one of our teams provides complex technical translations of materials in various Asian languages that others often refuse. In an effort to give back, we also support local businesses and provide mentorship to startups as well as receiving interns from various colleges in order to grow local skillsets. We have been the go-to partner for our ever-growing group of clients for nearly 10 years due to our steadfast commitment towards getting the job done right and on time. If you can dream it, we can help you create it, expand it and globalize it.  


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